Client Solutions

We can drive new business to your lending operations.

NorthBrook is at its best when we blend our industry knowledge, our innovation and our lender solutions technology to bring our clients new opportunities to expand their existing lending business.   We built the N-Abler as a multi-loan, multi-pathway platform so you can have benefit from innovative lending programs that tie lending program partners together in ways that had previously not been available.

Using the N-Abler our clients can take maximum advantage of the new collaborative markets that are leading the way in today’s challenging lending sector.

With new tools, new partners and new approaches we can,

  • Deliver new originations to your operations
  • Provide expert adjudication support tools to ensure you can take in the new loans while staying within your own risk limits and practices
  • Bring you to collaborative funding partners that allow you to expand your customer offerings without expending your regulatory capital

Our lending program solutions are not about technology. They are about how you become more competitive in an increasingly competitive industry. Let us know how we can help you.